Hope and her Earthing Adventures

My daughter has one motto when it comes to playing: the dirtier it gets, the happier she is. And I mean that literally.

Of course, as a child, I had my share of playing in the dirt as well but when I see her do the same thing, to be honest with you, I am torn between amusements and cringing.

I am amazed how happy she is when she plays with stones, sand and dirt and how well she could build things with it. At the same time I cringe knowing it is dirty. I just try to think all the time that studies say it is good for children.



They Learn Differently

Tell me honestly, do you by any chance have those moments when you feel very competitive about your child’s milestones? I do! And in this world of social media, sometimes I cannot stop bragging about it through my posts for my 300+ friends on Facebook to see. Sometimes, it is just pure pride for my child to be able to do or say things but then would always check my motive for posting it. And when another child of her age does something better than my child, I catch myself saying, “Aww, I hope she loves books just as much as this little girl does.” But, in the first place, why am I comparing my child to others, and why am I bragging about her milestones like other children can’t do it?

So I check my heart all the time because the last thing I want Hope to learn is to put others down and herself (or the other way around) just because of the difference in milestones, developments and achievements.